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Etain Hickey

Etain works with Jim Turner at Rossmore Country Pottery where they produce their well-known range of country domestic tableware and their newer vibrant gift-ware.

Alongside these ranges, you will find Etain's one-off richly decorated bowls and platters. Some of these pieces are enhanced by painting with luscious gold, bronze and platinum lustres.

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A new development is the making of paper-clay sheets which are drawn and painted on before being fired to 1300°C in a gas kiln. Most of the paintings are finished with a further lustre-firing, and framed. These ceramics have been exhibited locally and as far afield as Japan and San Francisco, and are in many private and public collections.

Work is available from Mitton & Hickey, 40 Ashe Street, Clonakilty, and from the studio showroom. Commissions are welcome.

Rossmore Country Pottery • Clonakilty • West Cork • Ireland

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